Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring is in the Air!


The latest event at the Vox was a surprise 50th birthday party. The birthday girl was lured here by her husband who told her he wanted to invest in an old building. He drove down our back ally and came in our back door and using the flashlight app on his phone brought her on stage. The house lights were off and the party was quiet. As the curtains were pulled back, the house lights popped on and everyone yelled, “Surprise!” The birthday girl was surprised indeed, she had no idea!
The family brought in food from Zarda BBQ, purchased their own liquor, hired a professional bartender (3 Blondes and a Martini) and hired dueling pianos (Big Show Dueling Pianos) for entertainment. The crowd was eating, dancing and singing all night long!

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The Vox Theatre is located in the community of Rosedale in Kansas City, KS. Rosedale is a growing community with a very active neighborhood association, the Rosedale Development Association (RDA). The RDA provides social services to the community and is currently accepting applications for its’ Summer Youth Employment Program. The goal of this program is to provide Rosedale youth with job experience and training. If you know of a young person who may be interested, or you are a business who is interested in partnering with the program, please visit the RDA website -

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