Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How do you make letters on the grey panels?

The grey panels at the Vox Theatre are starting to become a favorite place for hanging letters and posters, so I thought I would give some ideas on how the letters/posters have been made. The lettering has all been made by the brides & grooms or their families and friends. We have had a variety of different sizes and shapes. Several different materials have been used...foam core board, vinyl sheets, heavy card board and 4x8 sheet of hard pink insulation (from hardware store). The foam core or cardboard can be found at craft stores or art supply stores.

Angela & Will made these from the pink insulation. The letters were then spray painted black.

JoLynn & Chris's friends made these letters from black foam core.

For Kristen & Ryan's wedding, a local company printed their logo on vinyl sheets. The posters were made long enough to create a pocket at the top for a rod to fit through to help give the poster some stability.

Miranda & TJ's family made these letters from cardboard. They used black duct tape to make pieces large enough to accommodate the letter style.

If you are looking for the large photographs, ask your photographer. They should be able to help. There are a few printers in town that can print photographs large enough to make an impact in the space. Next week, I will discuss hanging photographs and post a few locations where you can print the photographs on a foam core.

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