Monday, June 18, 2012

Late Night Snack

Weddings days are long and exhausting for both you and your guests, so at the end of the night a special surprise or late night snack will give your guests a nice boost of energy, but what should you serve?

How about ordering 100 cheese burgers from your favorite fast food restaurant?

Other tasty late night treats we have had at the Vox Theatre - Ice cream truck, Chicago Style Hot Dog Bar or pizza.

Another great idea - Deco Street Eats offers late night sandwiches from their food truck.

All of these snacks will please your guest and tame those late night cravings.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

What order do you have the processional?

Last weekend was Ashley and Adam's wedding. As we were standing waiting for the pictures to finish and for the guests to start arriving. I turned to Adam and asked, does everybody know who they are walking with down the aisle? He then says I think so, but does it matter? I said it can be any order you would like, but we need to come up with something so everybody knows what to do. We quickly discussed how the processional should go.

What order do you have the processional?

In the processional the bride will always go last, so you will use that thinking when ordering the parents and grandparents. The bridesmaids can be organized in whatever manner you would like with the maid/matron of honor entering just before the bride (or the flower girl and ring bearer). The groomsmen will enter in different ways. They can escort the bridesmaids or they can follow behind the groom. If they escort the bridesmaids, they will be ordered with the best man being last. When they follow the groom, the best man will be directly behind the groom.

Also know that it is tradition that the grandmothers and mothers be escorted by the ushers.

Traditional order of processional:



Best man


Groom's paternal grandparents

Groom's maternal grandparents

Bride's paternal grandparents

Bride's maternal grandparents

Groom's parents

Bride's mother


Maid/Matron of Honor

Ring bearer

Flower girl

Bride and her father