Monday, April 2, 2012

The Secret Picnic

An article in the New York Times about a picnic in Paris - Dîner en Blanc, got a few people in Kansas thinking about a fundraiser. These secret samaritans wanted something special and memorable for their first fundraiser, so they created the Diner en Blanc et Noir. 15 tables of 10 were sold to cover the basic cost to host the event. Each table was to invite guests, bring table covering and decorations for the table. They were also to bring dinner for the table. The invitations gave a start time for the event of 7pm, but did not list the location. At 6:30pm the day of the event, a message went out to all the guests giving the location of the Vox Theatre as the place to be. During the evening, the guests set their tables, enjoyed dinner and music. Also, 3 items were raffled. Wine and water were available for a donation. A brief talk was given about why they were raising money. In all, they raised just over $5000. As they were leaving, all the guests discussed that this was definitely an event to continue. It was a great success!

The guests just finishing up the set-up and waiting for further instructions

Some of the lovely table settings for the evening.

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