Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Adam & Ashley - Introduction

Over the winter, Adam and Ashley were engaged. Adam works at the Vox Theatre helping me with set-up of events and maintenance of the building but mainly he assists Alistair with photography. Ashley is currently a teacher for a special needs preschool program in a Kansas City area school district. Adam and Ashley have been together for many years and will be getting married this summer at the Vox. Neither one have been too involved in planning of a wedding, so they have a lot of questions as most people do. I asked Adam if I could use them as examples and answer some of their questions in this blog. I promised I wouldn't be too embarrassing.

A little history about Adam & Ashley's wedding -

- They want a simple and easy on everybody wedding and reception.

- Family is very important.

- They want to save money for a house.

Hopefully, everyone will find useful tips from the upcoming Adam & Ashley series.

Stay tuned for more to come about Adam & Ashley.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Groom's Cake?

Liz & Ryan's wedding cake and grooms cake

I would guess about one in four of the Vox Theatre couples choose to have a groom's cake.

Instead of a traditional wedding cake, Layne & Ryan chose a cupcakes and a grooms cake for the cutting a cake.

Cailan & Doug's maple cinnamon flavored groom's cake

Laura & Brian's Power Cat groom's cake

Kelly & Peter's house divided groom's cake

Kelly & Nick's donut groom's cake

Heidi & Jesse's Guinness groom's cake

To find out more about groom's cakes, when to have one, or how the tradition started, check out these links.
Martha Stewart Weddings
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Monday, April 9, 2012

Parking at the Vox

Where is the parking at the Vox Theatre?

Besides the areas marked on above map, there is also street parking on Early St., and 8th St. The parking lots across Southwest Boulevard at Whitmore Park and the Longnecker Building is also available for use.

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Secret Picnic

An article in the New York Times about a picnic in Paris - Dîner en Blanc, got a few people in Kansas thinking about a fundraiser. These secret samaritans wanted something special and memorable for their first fundraiser, so they created the Diner en Blanc et Noir. 15 tables of 10 were sold to cover the basic cost to host the event. Each table was to invite guests, bring table covering and decorations for the table. They were also to bring dinner for the table. The invitations gave a start time for the event of 7pm, but did not list the location. At 6:30pm the day of the event, a message went out to all the guests giving the location of the Vox Theatre as the place to be. During the evening, the guests set their tables, enjoyed dinner and music. Also, 3 items were raffled. Wine and water were available for a donation. A brief talk was given about why they were raising money. In all, they raised just over $5000. As they were leaving, all the guests discussed that this was definitely an event to continue. It was a great success!

The guests just finishing up the set-up and waiting for further instructions

Some of the lovely table settings for the evening.