Monday, March 5, 2012

Themed Wedding - Avatar

Another theme wedding we have hosted at the Vox Theatre - Avatar. I realize I am probably the only person who didn't see the movie Avatar. Therefore other than blue people, I didn't know what to expect when Amanda and Matt mentioned the Avatar theme to me. The event was much more understated than I expected.

The bride wore a beautiful bright blue dress...

and carried a glowing bouquet of flowers.

The tree of life was the centerpiece for the ceremony

Decorations were very tropical and had elements that glowed.

The set-up for the ceremony above. A picture of the reception is below.

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  1. Such a gorgeous Avatar theme wedding. Your all preparations are awesome and it matches with theme properly. The life tree as centrepiece is looking simply astonishing. Planning to have a similar wedding theme for my wedding at wedding venues Los Angeles. It will look amazing for the day.