Thursday, August 9, 2012

Candles & Wall Railing

Something came up today and I decided to skip my post about printing out pictures. I decided to post about another fun decoration that we see at the Vox Theatre - candles on the picture rails along the wall.

Christina & Jonathan were the first couple to put candles on the rail. They put 5 candles in each of the 8 rails for a total of 40 candles. The candles they used were a little big for the railing, but we loved the look so we decided to see if there are some candles out there that would work.

So being a former engineer, I got my tape measure and created a simple drawing of what the railing looks like. I then realized I already had some candles that I wanted to try. Amazingly enough, they fit. The search was over before I even started. Unfortunately, these were given to me, so I can't tell you exactly what store carries them. However, I have seen similar in a few of the hobby stores.

These candles fit in the railing. If you are out looking and find them and want to put candles on the rail, look for these...or something similar that is less than 1.75 inches wide.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How do you make letters on the grey panels?

The grey panels at the Vox Theatre are starting to become a favorite place for hanging letters and posters, so I thought I would give some ideas on how the letters/posters have been made. The lettering has all been made by the brides & grooms or their families and friends. We have had a variety of different sizes and shapes. Several different materials have been used...foam core board, vinyl sheets, heavy card board and 4x8 sheet of hard pink insulation (from hardware store). The foam core or cardboard can be found at craft stores or art supply stores.

Angela & Will made these from the pink insulation. The letters were then spray painted black.

JoLynn & Chris's friends made these letters from black foam core.

For Kristen & Ryan's wedding, a local company printed their logo on vinyl sheets. The posters were made long enough to create a pocket at the top for a rod to fit through to help give the poster some stability.

Miranda & TJ's family made these letters from cardboard. They used black duct tape to make pieces large enough to accommodate the letter style.

If you are looking for the large photographs, ask your photographer. They should be able to help. There are a few printers in town that can print photographs large enough to make an impact in the space. Next week, I will discuss hanging photographs and post a few locations where you can print the photographs on a foam core.

Monday, July 23, 2012

What are those grey panels?

At the Vox Theatre the walls are plaster on brick or concrete block, the ceiling is tin and the floor is mostly concrete. Anybody that knows about sound waves, knows that this would make a great place for an echo. The echo can be fun but during a event, it's not always the best. We had some experts in and decided on an easy solution. Like most things in the Vox, Alistair had a vision. With the help our good friend Ryan Yoakum, Alistair, Ryan and I spent the Friday before our first reception in May of 2010 building and installing the grey panels. Wow, they made a huge difference.

So the big questions I get from most people, can we put something on them? Yes, they are large and nondescript and they can be decorated.

The panels are 64 inches wide and 94 inches tall. They have a soft front. Each panel has at least one eye-hook on the top of the panel. We use thread or string to hang items from the eye-hooks.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Movie Posters

Another great idea from Maggie & Nathan's wedding - Movie posters starring none other than the cast and crew from Maggie & Nathan's wedding. These posters hung on garage door so guests would enjoy them as they were entering the Vox Theatre.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Maggie & Nathan First Dance

It all started just like most of the other 70 plus first dances I have seen at the Vox Theatre. This was the first minute or so of Maggie & Nathan's dance in late June.

I was told they had planned something special for the first dance, so I had my camera ready to video. I am glad I did.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Late Night Snack

Weddings days are long and exhausting for both you and your guests, so at the end of the night a special surprise or late night snack will give your guests a nice boost of energy, but what should you serve?

How about ordering 100 cheese burgers from your favorite fast food restaurant?

Other tasty late night treats we have had at the Vox Theatre - Ice cream truck, Chicago Style Hot Dog Bar or pizza.

Another great idea - Deco Street Eats offers late night sandwiches from their food truck.

All of these snacks will please your guest and tame those late night cravings.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

What order do you have the processional?

Last weekend was Ashley and Adam's wedding. As we were standing waiting for the pictures to finish and for the guests to start arriving. I turned to Adam and asked, does everybody know who they are walking with down the aisle? He then says I think so, but does it matter? I said it can be any order you would like, but we need to come up with something so everybody knows what to do. We quickly discussed how the processional should go.

What order do you have the processional?

In the processional the bride will always go last, so you will use that thinking when ordering the parents and grandparents. The bridesmaids can be organized in whatever manner you would like with the maid/matron of honor entering just before the bride (or the flower girl and ring bearer). The groomsmen will enter in different ways. They can escort the bridesmaids or they can follow behind the groom. If they escort the bridesmaids, they will be ordered with the best man being last. When they follow the groom, the best man will be directly behind the groom.

Also know that it is tradition that the grandmothers and mothers be escorted by the ushers.

Traditional order of processional:



Best man


Groom's paternal grandparents

Groom's maternal grandparents

Bride's paternal grandparents

Bride's maternal grandparents

Groom's parents

Bride's mother


Maid/Matron of Honor

Ring bearer

Flower girl

Bride and her father

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What other things can people do at my wedding?

After our discussion about ushers, Adam asked - one of my cousins is female. I know she can be an usher but is there another or better position I can ask her to do?


Reader during the service - Many poems, stories or bible verses can be read during a service. Make sure the person feels comfortable reading in front of large crowds.

Candlelighter - If you are having candles during the ceremony, have a person assigned to lighting the candles. Add them to the processional and make a bit of a production of it. Be sure to check with your venue to see that they allow candles

Musician - If you have a family member or friend that has a special musical talent, have them preform at your wedding or reception. Again, make sure the person feels comfortable reading in front of large crowds.

Guest book attendant - This positions is great for a younger teen that can instruct guests to sign the guest book, make sure that the pen is working and the pages are filled properly

Greeter - Most often guests walk into the reception and are not sure what to do and where to go. The greeter can give people general directions...welcome, your seat location is here, the restroom is there, dinner will be served at 7pm, please help yourself to a cocktail and some hors d'oeuvres

MC for the reception - Sometimes this is left up to the DJ. If you have a family member or friend that can really interact with a crowd, let them have the microphone. Your evening will be more personalized

Personal attendant - This can be a great position or can really test friendships. Purchase a bride survival kit that has everything you can possibly need for your big day...needle & thread, bobby pins, safety pins, bandaids, tissues, and an assortment of other items...the personal attendant can be responsible if something is needed. Also have your personal attendant learn how to bustle your wedding dress. The more people that can do that the better you will be on your wedding day.

Cake cutter - All wedding cakes are not created equal. Some are easier than others to cut. If you have a several tiered cake that will need to be dismantled before it is cut, consider leaving this to professional. This is a very difficult and messy task for someone who has never cut such a larger cumbersome cake. If you have someone that really wants to do this for you, great! If not, it really is worth it to pay the caterer for the cake cutting service.

Be creative when asking people to be a part of or to help with your wedding. Consider their special talents and interests and have them help in those areas. It will be more fun for everybody.

You can find descriptions of what other positions may entail by checking out this Glossary of Terms on the knot.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How many ushers should you have?

As you may know Adam, my assistant is getting married. His wedding and reception will be at the Vox Theatre. Although Adam is an awesome assistant, he doesn't have much working knowledge of weddings. I started thinking...many of his questions (and Ashley's) are the same ones I get from other brides and grooms, so I asked Adam if I could use him as an example. He agreed and I promised not to embarrass him too much.

Last week, I posted a little introduction about Adam and his beautiful bride Ashley.

Today's question - How many ushers should I have? Some of my family members expect to be escorted to their seats, but I don't know how many people I will need. Do I even need ushers?

Adam and Ashley's wedding will not be a traditional wedding - a little more casual - so the traditional rules won't really apply. Since Ashley & Adam's guest expect ushers then it is best to have ushers. Ushers are great and have can have many assigned tasks. Not only can they can greet and escort people to their seats, they can answer questions of guests before and after the ceremony and maybe provide a little crowd control after the ceremony as guests exit and during buffet dinners. Ushers can be used as much or as little as you would like.

Adam has 2 cousins and 2 friends that he would like to use as usher, but his wedding is under 100 guests. My feeling is that if you have people you want to honor with having a place in your wedding, being an usher is a great position for them to hold. Once you have selected your groomsmen or bridesmaids, make a list of family and friends you would like to honor with being in your wedding. If you have lots of people then honor them by asking them to be ushers (or another position). If you don't have lots of people in mind for this position, then have the groomsmen or bridesmaids act as ushers. However, be careful to consider the level of commitment you are asking from your ushers (or any other member of your wedding), you don't want them to be responsible for more than need be and you definitely don't want to cause undo stress.

Check out this article on The Knot with other duties for the usher. It also gives a recommendation of 1 usher per 50 guests.

Next time - What other jobs can I ask people to do if I want them to be more than a guest at my wedding?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Adam & Ashley - Introduction

Over the winter, Adam and Ashley were engaged. Adam works at the Vox Theatre helping me with set-up of events and maintenance of the building but mainly he assists Alistair with photography. Ashley is currently a teacher for a special needs preschool program in a Kansas City area school district. Adam and Ashley have been together for many years and will be getting married this summer at the Vox. Neither one have been too involved in planning of a wedding, so they have a lot of questions as most people do. I asked Adam if I could use them as examples and answer some of their questions in this blog. I promised I wouldn't be too embarrassing.

A little history about Adam & Ashley's wedding -

- They want a simple and easy on everybody wedding and reception.

- Family is very important.

- They want to save money for a house.

Hopefully, everyone will find useful tips from the upcoming Adam & Ashley series.

Stay tuned for more to come about Adam & Ashley.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Groom's Cake?

Liz & Ryan's wedding cake and grooms cake

I would guess about one in four of the Vox Theatre couples choose to have a groom's cake.

Instead of a traditional wedding cake, Layne & Ryan chose a cupcakes and a grooms cake for the cutting a cake.

Cailan & Doug's maple cinnamon flavored groom's cake

Laura & Brian's Power Cat groom's cake

Kelly & Peter's house divided groom's cake

Kelly & Nick's donut groom's cake

Heidi & Jesse's Guinness groom's cake

To find out more about groom's cakes, when to have one, or how the tradition started, check out these links.
Martha Stewart Weddings
Wedding Channel

Monday, April 9, 2012

Parking at the Vox

Where is the parking at the Vox Theatre?

Besides the areas marked on above map, there is also street parking on Early St., and 8th St. The parking lots across Southwest Boulevard at Whitmore Park and the Longnecker Building is also available for use.

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Secret Picnic

An article in the New York Times about a picnic in Paris - Dîner en Blanc, got a few people in Kansas thinking about a fundraiser. These secret samaritans wanted something special and memorable for their first fundraiser, so they created the Diner en Blanc et Noir. 15 tables of 10 were sold to cover the basic cost to host the event. Each table was to invite guests, bring table covering and decorations for the table. They were also to bring dinner for the table. The invitations gave a start time for the event of 7pm, but did not list the location. At 6:30pm the day of the event, a message went out to all the guests giving the location of the Vox Theatre as the place to be. During the evening, the guests set their tables, enjoyed dinner and music. Also, 3 items were raffled. Wine and water were available for a donation. A brief talk was given about why they were raising money. In all, they raised just over $5000. As they were leaving, all the guests discussed that this was definitely an event to continue. It was a great success!

The guests just finishing up the set-up and waiting for further instructions

Some of the lovely table settings for the evening.

Monday, March 26, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Wedding

A few photos from our St. Patrick's Day wedding.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Can a wedding be planned in 6 weeks?


If you have a short timeframe for your wedding and reception - for whatever reason - start with the basic question. What is most important thing you and your fiance want to walk away saying about your wedding day? (I like this question no matter how much time you plan for your wedding.) This question help you sort through what is important and what is nice to have but not necessary in a time crunch. Concentrate on the important and if extra time allows, work on the nice stuff to have.

List of things to evaluate:
Flexibility - If you have a short timeframe be open to many possibilities. Maybe have the ceremony & reception in same location so you are only looking for one venue. Also consider a Friday or Sunday (or even maybe Monday - Thursday). During peak months Saturdays are not easy to find on short notice.
Marriage license - Most marriage licenses can be obtained within a week of your wedding date.
Invitations - For weddings most invitations are sent 6-8 weeks before the wedding day, so think electronic. They won't cost as much and they will help your wedding day be a little green.
Caterer - Some venues already have caterers on staff so that is easy. If your venue doesn't ask for recommendations. Another option is to have a light cake or dessert and punch reception.
Bartender - Again some venues have bartenders on staff and alcohol to serve. If not again ask for recommendation or consider just beer & wine or no alcohol. It would be easier & less expensive.

Cake - You don't usually have to order cakes 6 months in advance so this is an area you don't have to compromise, but always consider other options - cup cakes, pies, cookies or other desserts.
Dress - It is important to have something to wear, but it doesn't need to be a special order. Check out bridal consignment shops or rack sales. They are a great place to find designer gowns without having to wait for your order.
Photography - You may have to give up using the best photographer in town, but ask them for recommendation. They will know where to send you. It may take a few tries, but you will find one you like.

Tuxedo - Again, it is important to have something to wear, but why not wear a suit. Most grooms and groomsmen would prefer a suit to a tuxedo.
Flowers - Beautiful? YES! Easy? Yes, if you are paying somebody else to do them.

DIY projects - Unless you have all the time in the world, I don't recommend many of these. They take a lot of time and they cause much stress.

One great thing about planning with short notice - you may be able to negotiate a discount for some items.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Winter Wedding

Winter doesn't seem to be a busy time for weddings in Kansas - maybe it is the chance of snow and blizzard conditions that cause couples to shy away from getting married in December, January or February. With the red curtains, I would expect to we attract more couples planning a festive holiday theme wedding and reception. We have had a few brave couples and lots of great weather for their ceremonies and receptions.

Micaela & Brady's wedding on New Year's day 2011. The wedding was held at the Rainbow Mennonite Church across the street from the Vox Theatre and then the reception was held at the Vox.

Abby & Matt rang in the New Year of 2012 with their wedding guest.

They had the ceremony at the Unity Temple on the Plaza. With the beautiful 60 degree weather, more guests arrived than were expected. No worries - it was a spectacular night.

The centerpieces were reminiscent of the Ball drop in Times Square

Ashleigh & Brett ceremony & reception at the Vox was schedule to coincide with Brett's finishing graduate school. They scheduled the start time of the wedding early in the day so that many of their guests would not have to drive in the dark and have the concern of bad weather. The other major consideration for them was to have the ceremony and reception in the same location, so travel between the two wouldn't be an issue, but again the weather was fabulous for an early January day in Kansas and so was the wedding and reception.

If your thinking of a winter holiday themed wedding or any winter holiday party - be it Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Years, or even Valentines day, the Vox Theatre should be on your list of venues to visit.