Monday, November 21, 2011

Practice Your Bustle!

One of the most important jobs of a maid of honor, brides maid or mother of the bride is to bustle the brides lovely train on her dress. Being a seamstress, I know these are rarely easy in the best situation. When you are under the pressure of trying to get the bride ready so that the guests aren't waiting, bustles are a hassle. At times, I find myself helping get the bustle in place or fixing bustle that has fallen and now needs safety pins. Here are a few tips.
1) Ask your bridal shop to show you and your helpers how to do bustle the train properly and make sure when it is done that the entire dress is off the ground the way it should be. Move around (dance a little) while you are in the shop to see what will fall.
2) Practice the bustle. Have your mom, maid of honor and all your brides maids practice, but don't overdo it. Also it is probably good for you to try to bustle the dress so you know how easy (or difficult) it is.
3) Have safety pins in your bag just in case something happens.
4) If the bridal shop is putting in the bustle, ask them to use a light blue ribbon or different color of whatever they use to get the train bustled. This may not work because the loops are on the outside of the dress, but if loops are hidden, the different color will help when trying to search for them in all of that fabric.
5)Did I say practice already? This is key. A properly bustled train will stay in place, not get stepped on and not drag on the ground.

Good luck! Hopefully, these tips will make the bustle of your train run smoothly.

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