Monday, November 21, 2011

Practice Your Bustle!

One of the most important jobs of a maid of honor, brides maid or mother of the bride is to bustle the brides lovely train on her dress. Being a seamstress, I know these are rarely easy in the best situation. When you are under the pressure of trying to get the bride ready so that the guests aren't waiting, bustles are a hassle. At times, I find myself helping get the bustle in place or fixing bustle that has fallen and now needs safety pins. Here are a few tips.
1) Ask your bridal shop to show you and your helpers how to do bustle the train properly and make sure when it is done that the entire dress is off the ground the way it should be. Move around (dance a little) while you are in the shop to see what will fall.
2) Practice the bustle. Have your mom, maid of honor and all your brides maids practice, but don't overdo it. Also it is probably good for you to try to bustle the dress so you know how easy (or difficult) it is.
3) Have safety pins in your bag just in case something happens.
4) If the bridal shop is putting in the bustle, ask them to use a light blue ribbon or different color of whatever they use to get the train bustled. This may not work because the loops are on the outside of the dress, but if loops are hidden, the different color will help when trying to search for them in all of that fabric.
5)Did I say practice already? This is key. A properly bustled train will stay in place, not get stepped on and not drag on the ground.

Good luck! Hopefully, these tips will make the bustle of your train run smoothly.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Anniversary Cake?

The tradition says that brides and groom are supposed to save the top tier of their cake to eat on the first anniversary of their wedding. I am all for traditions. Most people that know me know that I probably care a bit too much about traditions but to me this one is a little silly. Freezers have only been around for a relatively short period of time, so this tradition can't be that long standing - there has to be something I am missing. So I decided to do (very) little research - there had to be another way that these cakes where saved for a year. I found this article on Wedding Cake Creations website. Hudson Valley Weddings has a little different take on the history of saving the cake. These stories made more sense than putting todays American wedding cake in a freezer for a year and trying to eat the freezer burned cake, if you even remembered which family member had the cake.

So none of this really answers the bigger question - do you save the cake now? Is it worth the cost?

Recently, several bakers that have brought cakes to theVox Theatre say they provide a fresh cake on the anniversary date of the wedding so the bride and groom don't have to save the cake for a year. I love this idea!

Monday, November 7, 2011

From Set-up to wedding to reception

The other day I decided I would try to do a series of photographs that would show the progression of an event from an almost empty room until the reception. I didn't get the camera in the exact same place every time, but I came close enough for what I wanted. Here are the photos I took of Kelly & Pete's wedding and reception in October. They had a rehearsal on the evening before the wedding.

The almost empty room

Tables are set and Ruth (my current helper) is setting up chairs for the ceremony

Tables and chairs ready for decorating

Linens on and ready for the rehearsal

Centerpieces are set and DJ has arrived

Guests starting to arrive

Finally, the ceremony

Dinner is served.

The party has just begun.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It wasn't supposed to happen this way.

It wasn't supposed to happen this way....I know that is the case with most couples that find out they are expecting before they say I do. For Nicole & Jeff the comment was made to me "we always go big". So what do you do when you have already planned the wedding of your dreams and you find out you are expecting a baby as well. Embrace it. Life happens. I love how Nicole & Jeff made having a baby part of their wedding day. When they had their sonogram, Jeff and Nicole didn't want to know the gender of the baby and decided that they would reveal it to everybody on their wedding day. They selected a person to make a cake and provided them the with a top secret envelop that revealed the baby's gender.

The morning of the wedding, the cake came in boxed up and was promptly stored in the refrigerator to be brought out right before it was time to cut. The inside color would reveal whether the baby is a boy or a girl. Shortly after the ceremony was finished and dinner was served, I went to retrieve the cake from the refrigerator. With the mother and sister of the groom standing next to me, we opened the box and we admired the cute cake. I soon saw that the color was peaking through the frosting. I covered it with my hands and politely asked them to get Nicole & Jeff.

Nicole & Jeff stepped up to cut the cake and all their family and friends gathered around to see...would this be a boy or a girl?

It's a boy Congratulations Nicole & Jeff. This month, they will welcome their new son! Best wishes to all three of you.