Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Weddings, Military & Skype

I grew up moving from place to place because my dad was in the Air Force, so there is a special place in my heart for my brides and grooms in the military. When I met Heidi at the Vox Theatre, she told me that she was already married but they were going to renew their vows. Jesse was in the military and was stationed in Afghanistan. She didn't tell me much, other than it was a quick ceremony and when he returns, they wanted to do something that included their family and friends.

During the wedding, the minister told the story of how Heidi & Jesse originally got married. The wonders of technology...being in the military allows you to get married by unconventional methods - really you can get married by proxy. Today with technology, that really isn't as necessary. Why not use Skype? That is how Heidi and Jesse got married the first time. On New Years Day, they planned a time that Jesse could be by a computer and called the minister giving her about an hours notice. They said their vows via the internet.

Now, Jesse has returned and they renewed their vows in front of family and friends...ready to start their new life together in the same zip code. Congratulations! Best wishes in Georgia.

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