Monday, June 20, 2011

Dog Friendly Wedding Reception

At the Vox Theatre, we know how important dogs are in peoples lives. On a regular day we have 2 of Alistair's dog's at work with us. So when Marcie and Charlie asked if they could bring their dogs to their reception, we said "Yes".

Tilly and Hugo were wonderful. Not only did they get along with Quoia and Anie, the 200 guests that attended the reception didn't phase them one bit. They fit right in.

A little dinner before the guests arrive.

Hoping for a little scrap to fall off the buffet.

Posing for a few pictures.

Some things to consider when including your dog in your reception.
1) Will your venue allow your dogs at the reception? Ask this question at the beginning. This will help you decide right away if this is the venue for you.
2) Is this the best place for your dogs? In a situation like this, my dog would be hiding in a corner in the most remote place he could find. Yes, he is a wonderfully sweet dog and wouldn't hurt anybody, but all the people would stress him out and that is not the best place for him. Other dogs like Tilly and Hugo thrive in this environment. They had a blast meeting everybody.
3) Is there a place to have your dogs lay down? This will make it easier for you to enjoy your reception. If they do start getting a little rowdy or bothered you have a safe place to put them so they can relax.
4) Is the a place yard for them to do their duty? This will also help you relax at your reception. You won't have to stop what you are doing and take the pooch out for a walk (possibly in the pouring rain) and hopefully your dog won't have an accident in the venue that you will have to clean up.
5) Aclimate your dog to the venue. If your venues allows it, take your dog early so that they already feel comfortable with the area and also to meet the venue owner or manager. Everybody will feel more comfortable...the bride, the groom, the dogs and the venue owner.

Here are some articles for more tips for having a pet at your wedding and reception:
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  1. This makes me wish I had my dog at our wedding, I mean our dog is as much family as anyone else.

    Always looking out for a great Dog Friendly Cottage to share.