Monday, June 27, 2011

Denistation Weddings & Local Receptions - Timing

So you want to go somewhere exotic for your wedding...A beach in Mexico, cruise in the Mediterranean or your fiance hometown...You possibly want to make one trip for the wedding & also want all of your friends and family to be able to celebrate with you. Not everybody will be able to travel to the location you have chosen. So the planning begins for your local reception, but when do you have the reception?

The best day to have local reception after a destination wedding - Friday and Sunday. Most venues and wedding professional offer slight discounts for these day. Fridays and Sundays are also more available. Also you don't have to worry about people trying to get off work to make the wedding. On a Friday, you can start the reception at 6:30-7pm and your guests will not miss any part of the party. Sunday - have an early brunch or a late afternoon event, so your guests won't feel guilty about leaving early to get to work the next day.

Now you have picked the day, the date is the next hurdle. My suggestion...wait a few days at least a week. Don't return from your honeymoon and have your local reception planned for the following day. No matter how relaxing your vacation is, you will be tired. Your travel plans may have you returning later than you expected. You will also have to rely on your relatives or friends more than you normally would.

Another reason for waiting - trying to plan a destination wedding is takes effort - planning a local reception takes effort as well. Doing these both at the same time - may make you crazy.

As with anything for your wedding and reception...ENJOY IT. This is supposed to be a fun time for you as well as your guests.

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