Monday, June 13, 2011

Chalk board art

Our chalk board - it was here when Alistair bought the Vox Theatre. When I started, it used to be where we kept track of events - pretty old school - but when I started we had maybe 7 events. It took awhile but we finally outgrew the chalk board. Really, we needed the wall space to install some new doors, but we retired the chalkboard for something portable, sleek and streamlined - my MacBook Pro and eventually the chalkboard became a forgotten thing of the past. Until we were looking in storage for a random box. Aha! We have a place to hang it...but what do we write on it. Me, being the non-creative of the group wrote VOX in big letters. (Yep, that is the extent of my creativity) but then in early May AIGA held the A7 judging at the Vox. That day Gary appeared on the board.

Shortly there after, Gary found a friend in chalkboard land.

Then the Vox decided to put on a happy face.

Gary has since left the Vox, but the chalkboard has not. It is now waiting for another sketch to appear. If you ever find yourself here and the chalk is available, please feel free. We would love to take a picture and add it to our collection.

P.S. Remember this is a family friendly building.

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