Monday, February 28, 2011

2 ladies, a grumpy old man and a new puppy!

You may have seen the announcement on Alistair's blog. The Vox Theatre has a new resident. Baxter came to live with Bigsby, Aine and Quoia about 3 weeks ago. If you haven't met Baxter or the other 3 dogs, you are in for a treat when you visit the Vox Theatre.

The 2 ladies - Aine and Quoia will usually greet you as you walk in the door. They love all the visitors that we get because they usually get attention and sometimes even dog treats. They think that everybody is or should be Jeff, the mailman - who always brings treats.

Aine is small Great Dane who is about 2 years old. She is very playful but a little bothered by people wearing hats or that are really tall, but that just means it takes a bit for her to warm up to you.

Quoia is about 6 years old and is a Chow and Collie mix. Her favorite activity is waiting for the mailman - he delivers Quoia a treat almost everyday. She has now come to expect a treat around lunch time and sits patiently at the front door. She even recognizes the mail truck when it parks in front of the building. Quoia is very disappointed when it is not Jeff getting out of the mail truck...she knows she doesn't get a treat that day.

The grumpy old man is Bigsby. He is...well we are not really sure how old or what mix of breeds he is. He is about 10 and possibly part Argentinean Mastiff. All we really know is that he is big and old, but we love him and all of his stinkyness.

The new puppy Baxter! He is fitting in well and the other dogs have started to warm up to him. He is a little more puppy than they would like at times, but they are willing to play with him.

If you are in the neighborhood stop by and meet Baxter and company!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Flip the Vox

Bride: "How does the Vox Theatre accommodate a ceremony and reception?"

Me: "It depends on what you want."

Ok, that tends to be my answer for a lot of questions - it's true - we want your wedding and reception to be what you want - not a version of what we want. We do have suggestions, but we are flexible and so is the event space at the Vox Theatre.

Kari & Dustin's ceremony with 220 guests.

Our suggestions for your having both your ceremony and reception at the Vox Theatre:

Lauren & Erin's ceremony with 215 guests.

Your guest list is approaching 300 - We suggest a combination of seating - up to 60 chairs set in rows near the front close to the ceremony and 24 tables with 240 chairs set for the ceremony. The chairs will be removed after the ceremony. A head table can be set up on the dance floor and removed after dinner is finished.

Kerry & Andrew's ceremony with 250 guests.

Your guest list is 250 guests or less - Guests are seated at the tables during the ceremony and stay there for the reception. Minimal moving of tables and chair. A head table can be set up on the dance floor and removed after dinner is finished.

Your guest list is 150 or less - Chairs can be set in rows on the dance floor for the ceremony. Tables for reception can be set out as well. After the ceremony, the chairs will be moved to the tables. A head table can be set up on the dance floor.

Shannon & Ben set up the chairs with a double aisle, so they can renew their wedding vows in front of family and friends. They rented enough chairs for the ceremony and the reception. All we had to do was move the ceremony chairs off the dance floor.

For Kate and Joe's wedding, we had 144 chairs set up on the floor with curtains closed during the ceremony. The reception tables were set in the background. After the ceremony, the goomsmen and family helped moved the chairs to the tables. The photo above is of Kate and Joe's ceremony. The photo below is of Kate & Joe's reception.

These are just some examples of the different ways you can have your ceremony and receptions. If you have an idea of something different, we would love to try it.