Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wedding Rehearsal

People get married in all sorts of places. We see many brides have the ceremony and the reception at the same pace. When this happens, many questions arise but the two biggest ones are:

1. How do we set up the space to accommodate both a ceremony and a reception?
2. How do have a rehearsal for the ceremony?

In a later post I will discuss how the Vox can be set for wedding ceremony and reception. This post is just for your rehearsal.

The way we do the rehearsal for a wedding at the Vox is:

1. Option 1: To guarantee a specific date for a wedding rehearsal that is not on the day of your event and that is not already reserved by another party. The Vox Theatre will provide you and your guests with 2 hours of time in the Vox and the space set with tables and chairs. This option is provided at an additional cost.

2. Option 2: One week prior to your event, if no other event is scheduled on the date of your wedding rehearsal, the Vox Theatre will provide you with access to the theatre at a cost equal to our additional hourly rate.

3. Option 3: A rehearsal can take place during the 3 hour set up time or 6 hour event time on the day of your event. If for some reason additional hours are required, additional hours can be purchased, if necessary.

Also, remember the rehearsal does not have to be the day before your wedding or in conjunction with a rehearsal dinner. This is your wedding and traditions do not always have to be followed.

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