Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wedding Rehearsal

People get married in all sorts of places. We see many brides have the ceremony and the reception at the same pace. When this happens, many questions arise but the two biggest ones are:

1. How do we set up the space to accommodate both a ceremony and a reception?
2. How do have a rehearsal for the ceremony?

In a later post I will discuss how the Vox can be set for wedding ceremony and reception. This post is just for your rehearsal.

The way we do the rehearsal for a wedding at the Vox is:

1. Option 1: To guarantee a specific date for a wedding rehearsal that is not on the day of your event and that is not already reserved by another party. The Vox Theatre will provide you and your guests with 2 hours of time in the Vox and the space set with tables and chairs. This option is provided at an additional cost.

2. Option 2: One week prior to your event, if no other event is scheduled on the date of your wedding rehearsal, the Vox Theatre will provide you with access to the theatre at a cost equal to our additional hourly rate.

3. Option 3: A rehearsal can take place during the 3 hour set up time or 6 hour event time on the day of your event. If for some reason additional hours are required, additional hours can be purchased, if necessary.

Also, remember the rehearsal does not have to be the day before your wedding or in conjunction with a rehearsal dinner. This is your wedding and traditions do not always have to be followed.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Give back with your wedding!

In mid-September, Lauren and Erin said "I do" at the Vox Theatre. It was a fun wedding, but one of the things I loved most about it was how they chose to use their wedding day to give back.

Often we hear of people listing a charity as part of their gift ideas, or selecting to go green. Lauren and Erin went a little different route - they chose a rental company for their chairs, linens and decorations that supports a non-profit youth program. This company also provide the floral arrangements and did a majority of the event set-up. "The Refuge is a Non Profit 501c3 Coffeehouse and Youth Club run by Champions of Life Inc. and Hartley’s Karate as a community outreach. The center is dedicated to supporting youth and their families as they fight for their destinies. We believe that to become a Champion you must have a dream, a plan, positive habits, friends and family that encourage and enable you to become the best you in the world!" They use the rentals business to help support their programs. While their inventory is not as extensive as some of the more well known party rental companies, they have an ever expanding inventory, as well as some unique items at reasonable prices.

Here are some of the items that Lauren and Erin used for their beautiful ceremony and reception:

Theatre ropes

Chairs, chair covers and linens

Columns with crystal chandeliers

Some of the milk glass containers for floral arrangements.

If you would like more information about The Refuge contact Marietta by visiting www.refugekc.com

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Great Stories!

Somedays I sit at my desk and wonder who will be walking through the door next. Working in a theatre built in 1922 that has been quiet since the early 1960's, people stop in to see what we movies we are showing or what plays they can come watch. People also stop in to revisit old memories and share stories with us. We love hearing the stories - it makes the building more than just brick and mortar.

We have heard about all the kids sitting on the wall outside waiting for the door to open so they can see a movie. For 17 cents or 25 cents, a person could see some cartoons, a serial, and a full length film. It was an all afternoon event to go to the theatre.

We also had a visit from, the 1950 graduating class from Rosedale High School. It was a group of about 30 members of the class and their spouses. They joked about the "double chairs" that used to be on the aisle. It was a chair big enough for two people to sit. They wanted to know if we found any during the renovation. Unfortunately, we did not.

The sweetest story of them all is from one of our brides. She booked her reception long before I started at theVox Theatre, so I am not sure if she had shared it with anyone here, before she told me over a year later. Anyway, we were going over the final details of her reception and she said "My grandma used to sell popcorn here (at the Vox Theatre). She was only 13 years old and this is where she met my grandpa." Awww!

This is the wedding picture of her grandmother and grandfather that was on display at the reception.