Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Not your usual wedding cake bride & groom

Flowers have become a traditional topper for wedding cakes and while they are beautiful like Kerry and Andrew's cake, they don't have to be what you use for your wedding cake topper. Look at some of the ones we have seen at the Vox Theatre

Flowers - Kerry & Andrew

Just Ducky! - Lauren & Erin

Monkey Around - Kari & Dustin

Birds of a Feather - Nancy & Scott

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Outdoor Patio

When the Vox Theatre was purchased in January of 2009, the outdoor patio idea was just a pie in the sky. However, moving next to the Rosedale Development Association has is privileges. Now we share the outside their backyard for our outdoor patio area. It is a nice addition to the theatre space and allows for additional seating and the possibility of an outdoor ceremony.

The outdoor patio area is over 1500 square feet and has a wooden deck that is over 300 square feet. Currently, 2 hexagon picnic tables are placed in the area, but more tables, either with seats or bar heights, can be added on an nice evening. At times an additional bar can be located on the patio.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Year at the Vox

A year ago, I walked into the Vox Theatre thinking about photography. I met with Alistair and was hoping I could work with him as an intern learning all I could about how to take better pictures. Knowing I could never make a living at photography, I still wanted to improve what little skills I already had. Well a few months later I somehow convinced Alistair that I would be a better event manager than photography intern or assistant. So in February, I offically became the Event Manager of the Vox Theatre. If you don't believe it, I even have business cards that say it.

Not really knowing what an event manager does (I was a structural engineer in my former life) I had to quickly learn the ins and outs of event managing. Where to start?...the library and book stores...What to read?....Meeting & Event Planning For Dummies seemed appropriate . After reading through numerous books, I thought "Yep, I'm good. I can do this and it will be fun." I love weddings and I have planned many other events as a volunteer.

Now - one year later - I can't believe it. The time has flown. I have learned so many different things and have gotten to do a wide variety of task that somebody neglected to mention in all those books I read. The list is long, but here are some highlights:
1. Paint - I have painted in the past but this past year has been the year of paint. It is one task I can do with out needing someone to help. Honestly, my painting skills really haven't improved!
2. Used a nail gun to install baseboards - again I have done this before, but never without injury, so I don't do this very often.
3. Caulk - it is amazing how caulk to span over a such large gaps.
4. Pull wiring for the new sound system - the sound system wiring is in the attic...it is much better to do in the winter than in the summer.
5. Clean - I have always hated cleaning. Now it is my responsibility to clean up after events and do general cleaning. Yuck! That is why I pushed to hire a cleaning company.
6. Saw - This is another task I don't do it much, because I'm an accident waiting to happen. Power tools and I don't get along.
7. Sew - I can sew. People have paid me to sew for them for years. I never expected to make curtains for Vox Theatre or repair a bustle for a bride because her guests kept stepping on her dress and she couldn't dance with it un-bustled.
8. Move tables on a weekly sometimes daily basis - I definitely do not need a gym membership. I get a good work out moving the tables that weigh almost as much as I do.

Even with these tasks that were not in the job description - IT HAS BEEN A GREAT YEAR! I have met many great people - my brides and grooms have been fabulous - my job is more fun than I imagined. I can't think of any better job for me.

Thanks Alistair for giving me such a great opportunity.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Candles vs. Fan

Sometimes when you love something you tend not to see problems in the relationship. Last week, I wrote about our Big Ass Fan
While we love our Big Ass Fan, it creates has issues with our love for weddings. We know that weddings and candles go hand in hand. Candles and the Big Ass Fan - not so much!

The fan helps keep the air in the large open event space of the Vox Theatre moving so it doesn't feel stale or get too hot (or cold) in certain areas. Moving air - not a friend of candles. The candles struggle to stay lit when the fan is used to its best ability.

So again another dilemma - How do we have both? How can both the candles and the fan peacefully coexist at the Vox Theatre?

We did some testing - spent hours lighting and relighting candles, moving table to different locations and measuring containers. In most of the wind blown spots in the room, we found that the candles can stay lit if the container that they are placed in is at least 4 inches taller than the flame. The nice thing about the candles is that they will burn down. If you start with something that may be a little shy of 4 inches, the candle will probably burn down enough that when the dance floor starts to get busy and the fan speed increases, the candles should still be lit. Now, we are not saying that is the only candles you can use. The container that is 4 inches higher than the flame is just a recommendation. You can use almost any candle holder you want (as long as the flame is contained), but the flame will probably get blow out by the fan.

So when selecting decorations especially candles, keep in mind the Big Ass Fan, and try using hurricanes or candles holders that contain the flame and are 4 inches higher than the flame.