Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Weather & Outdoor Weddings

When you choose an outdoor venue for your wedding or reception, you risk rain on your parade. It is one thing that can ruin your day, but only if you let it. Rachel and Tim decided to say "I do" at the Rose Garden in Loose Park. She stood in line for hours to get her 2 hour time slot for her ceremony - 2-4pm on June 12. It had rained almost every day the weeks leading up to the event. Rachel and I briefly discussed another option for her ceremony if it looked like bad weather. She told me - "It's my day and I am going to get married at the Rose Garden in Loose Park rain or not". So when I arrived at the Vox Theatre about 10am that morning, I hoped that the rain would let up because it was pouring! Rachel was going to have rain on her wedding day and in all of her wedding pictures. Her ceremony was to start at 3pm and the reception at 5pm. I spoke with her father that morning and he said she is still planning on getting married outside. It rained all morning and well into the afternoon. 3pm arrived and the rain started to let up a little but the ceremony was several miles away. 3:45pm: guests started to arrive. At 4pm, Rachel and Tim arrived a little damp but extremely happy. She then proceeds to tell me that it stopped raining at 3pm and they set up the chairs on the lawn in less than 10 minutes. The ceremony started at 3:15 - completed in less than 15 minutes. By 3:45, the rain started to come down again. She was thrilled. She got her dream wedding with a little bit of rain, but she didn't lose sight of the fact that she was getting married to the man of her dreams and would be spending her life with her best friend. It would make a good story to tell the grandkids, someday.

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