Tuesday, August 31, 2010

We are a fan!

Guest: "Wow, that is a big fan."
Me: "Yes, it is a Big Ass Fan"
Guest: "I guess it is!"
Me: "No, really, that is a Big Ass Fan made by the Big Ass Fan company"
Guest: "I love it."

We love our fan, too. It is one of the first things people notice when they enter and it has become a conversation piece. Besides the fun of the fan, it does serve a purpose. When Alistair purchased the Vox Theatre, the building had the original tin ceiling from 1922, 20 foot ceilings and not enough air conditioning for an event space.

The dilemma: how to efficiently cool the space and not cut into the ceiling, all at a reasonable price?

The choices were minimal for cooling this old building/new event space on a budget.

Option 1: hang duct work from the ceiling down below the light fixtures.
Option 2: install a large fan to push the air from the ceiling.

Add protecting the ceiling, and it was impossible.

The solution: the next best thing - limit the holes in the ceiling, keep most of the ceiling visible and create a conversation piece.

20 tons of cooling and 1 Big Ass Fan later, our guests are comfortable on a 100 degree day in Kansas.

So now we are known for our fan!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Weather & Outdoor Weddings

When you choose an outdoor venue for your wedding or reception, you risk rain on your parade. It is one thing that can ruin your day, but only if you let it. Rachel and Tim decided to say "I do" at the Rose Garden in Loose Park. She stood in line for hours to get her 2 hour time slot for her ceremony - 2-4pm on June 12. It had rained almost every day the weeks leading up to the event. Rachel and I briefly discussed another option for her ceremony if it looked like bad weather. She told me - "It's my day and I am going to get married at the Rose Garden in Loose Park rain or not". So when I arrived at the Vox Theatre about 10am that morning, I hoped that the rain would let up because it was pouring! Rachel was going to have rain on her wedding day and in all of her wedding pictures. Her ceremony was to start at 3pm and the reception at 5pm. I spoke with her father that morning and he said she is still planning on getting married outside. It rained all morning and well into the afternoon. 3pm arrived and the rain started to let up a little but the ceremony was several miles away. 3:45pm: guests started to arrive. At 4pm, Rachel and Tim arrived a little damp but extremely happy. She then proceeds to tell me that it stopped raining at 3pm and they set up the chairs on the lawn in less than 10 minutes. The ceremony started at 3:15 - completed in less than 15 minutes. By 3:45, the rain started to come down again. She was thrilled. She got her dream wedding with a little bit of rain, but she didn't lose sight of the fact that she was getting married to the man of her dreams and would be spending her life with her best friend. It would make a good story to tell the grandkids, someday.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

iPod Wedding Reception Music

In the age of digital music and MP3 players, lots of wedding venues are offering a sound system that can play an iPod. Giving brides the option of creating a play list and skipping the DJ or the live band. At the end of last year, the Vox Theatre installed an 11.1 surround sound system with an iPod dock for our everyday use as well as for our guest. But the question comes...Is the iPod reception a good thing? It can be. The iPod gives greater flexibility with your own personal music tastes and it potentially saves money if you already have the iPod and the all the appropriate music. However, it does have some drawbacks...nobody really gets and keeps the party going, the play list can get ignored or hijacked, and at times there is potential for dead air. The good news is there is a fairly simple solution that can help with some of this...have a designated person in control of the music. This person does not have to stand next to the iPod at all times, but they just need be the go-to person. Somebody wants to play a particular song, you can say "Talk to Aunt Jean or Cousin Earl. They can help you." Aunt Jean and Cousin Earl will need to know a few things, though.

1. Most importantly, KEEP THE MUSIC PLAYING.
2. Don't abruptly stop in the middle of a song. If you need to stop mid-song, slowly decrease the volume to help with a smooth transition.
3. Learn the music. Have Aunt Jean and Cousin Earl help in creating the play list so they have a good idea of what is on the list.
4. Print out a list of songs that are on the play list. This will allow people to choose a song from the list instead of having to search on the iPod.

Another suggestion to make the iPod reception a success - find a play list for wedding receptions...a list that has all the traditional songs you hear at receptions. There is a reason you always hear them. These songs appeal to a variety of people across the generations. They draw people to the dance floor. You don't have to play the "Chicken Dance", unless you want, but there are a wide variety of songs that will keep your guests on the dance floor.

Most wedding planning websites like theknot.com can give you ideas on songs to play. Style101.com has some advice on songs and tips for using an iPod for your reception.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wedding Triangle

The wedding triangle idea was created last year when Alistair, Rainbow Mennonite Church, and Deco Catering discussed the potential of a bride and groom having their ceremony at a church with some flexibility - a reception site that is close by and unique - then top it off with a caterer in close proximity as well. That is what you would get with The Vox Theatre, Rainbow Mennonite Church, and Deco Catering - all within a short walking distance, and also all three have a special flair and allow flexibilty to have the event of your dreams.

Several of the couples that celebrate their wedding with a reception at the Vox Theatre choose Deco Catering for their food and a few of our couples have said their vows at the Rainbow Mennonite Church and walked across the street to party at the Vox Theatre.

Clarissa and Rob enjoyed their ceremony at the Rainbow Mennonite Church and then made their way across the street to celebrate with 200 of their family and friends.

We are just waiting for the day when a couple uses all of the wedding triange. Not only is it conveient for the bride, groom and their guests, it is also good for the environment - think of all the miles saved tranporting everybody and all the food. Now if we could only get a hotel within walking distance.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Whimsical Wedding

I don't ever want to say that one of our weddings was better than another or the best we have had. They are all great and as unique as the brides we have. The best thing that I have seen through all of these weddings and receptions, is that they all reflect the personality of the couples. I have been very fortunate to work closely with each bride and get to know a little about them. I then attend the wedding or reception and with every person I meet and every decoration I see and food that I eat, I am rarely surprised and always pleased. The events of the each day always fit the personality of the bride and groom. That is one of my favorite parts of my job. Seeing the personality of each bride groom expressed in this way.

The wedding we had in mid-July was definitely no exception. Kari and Dustin are such a unique and fun couple. When asked about what one word would describe the theme for the day, both said whimsy! From the sock monkeys on the wedding cake

to the accordion player during the ceremony

to the rented ice cream truck that came by after dinner to the unique invitations and programs designed by Jenn Bedell.

Invitation front

Invitation back

There was a bit of tradition, but whimsy was the order of the day.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wedding & Karaoke at the Vox

June started with another first for the Vox. Kate and Joe were the first couple to have their ceremony at the Vox. They chose to say their vows in front of the large red theatre curtains, not wanting to be on stage. After the ceremony, dinner was served by Deco Catering and karaoke was performed on the stage for all the guests.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Brad Colerick Concert

In late May, The Vox had the pleasure of hosting a private concert by Brad Colerick. He treated the crowd to a mix of folk songs from his new CD "When I'm Gone" and his previous CDs as well as some covers.