Saturday, February 6, 2010

Green Weddings

In today’s world most people are concerned about how to better protect our planet and natural resource. Weddings and especially the receptions are one area that look to be a trouble spot in finding a balance with having the fairy tale wedding and being green. The most important issue though is to find that balance that works best for you. One easy way to help find that balance is to use a reception venue that is concerned about the environment.

How do find a reception hall that is green? Just ask. If the venue is concerned about its impact on the environment, they will be able to give you information on how they reduce their carbon footprint.

At the Vox Theatre, we are working to be earth friendly. To start with we reused a 1922 silent movie theatre. We purchased our new patio door from Habitat for Humanity ReStore. We have insulated double-glazing on all of our windows. Our loft area is insulated. We use an 18’ (yes that is 18 feet) ceiling fan to help the modern HVAC system heat and cool the large space and all the appliances in the kitchen have the Energy Star rating. We recycle paper, glass, aluminum and card board. We use compact fluorescent bulbs where possible and hope that someday the dimmer technology will improve for the fluorescent bulbs do we can convert the rest of our lighting to be more energy efficient.

I think the biggest thing we do at the Vox Theatre to be environmentally friendly started when Alistair was looking for a studio space. The Vox Theatre was chosen not only because of its character and potential, but because of the locations. Among our many awesome neighbors, the Rainbow Mennonite Church is just across the street. A couple can have their ceremony at the beautifully restored 100+ year old church and walk just a few yards to the Vox for their reception. Besides preventing your guest from getting lost, it cuts down on the emissions from all those vehicles traveling between the ceremony and reception.

Another great neighbor we have is Deco Catering. While extremely convenient, having a caterer next door to the Vox also eliminates the travel for the caterer and the large vehicle required to transport the food and beverages.

We know we can do better and we will continue to improve.

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