Thursday, February 4, 2010

Expose Dance Competition

On Sunday, we hosted Paco's Expose Dance Competition . It was a first for both the Vox and Expose. Over 50 dancers and their families visited the Vox on Valentines Day. The dancers ranged in age from 4 to 14. Many performances were solos but we did have a few large groups. One dance featured 18 girls on the dance floor at one time.

The dance competition brought in judges Jacoby Mosby and Devan Watring. Both judges are originally from the metro area but have training and experience from around the country. During a break in the competitive routines, both judges showed off some of their skills. Later in the day, Paco and several other professional dancers entertained the crowd.

Also on the program was the Extreme Show Down Audition
This live mock audition was a unique experience for the dancers to learn and perform a short routine in about 20 minutes. After the performance, the field was narrowed to 5 dancers and then those 5 dancers performed the routine several more time. Contestants judged and trophies were given for 2 runners up, a third, second and first place.

Check out the Vox Theatre on Facebook for more pictures of the dance competition.


  1. In my youth, I spent three nights each week to view movies at the Vox. Sunday, Wednesday and Friday nights the show changed to new runs. I have show tickets priced at 0.17 cents, 0.20 cents and 0.25 cents per entry. My visits at the Vox were from 1944 through 1950. My friends from around the country are surprised to see the Vox open once more.

  2. That is great, Joel! We love to hear from people that used to watch movies at the Vox Theatre. We have people stop by often to see the changes we have made and to tell us what it used to be like.