Friday, February 26, 2010

Sunday Weddings

Throughout the year there are a few times it happens (unless of course you are in grade school) - the long holiday weekend. Some professions allow for more of them than others, but the most common occur during the summer - Memorial Day and Labor Day. For 2010 and 2011, we can include the weekend of July 4th as a long weekend.

What makes these weekend so great for weddings? It creates 2 days over the weekend that guests are probably not working during the daytime and won't have to get up for work the next morning - which also means the guests may not have to worry about taking extra time off from work to travel.

The Vox Theatre has discounted rates on Sunday compared to our full price Saturday events, so this sometimes makes for busy holiday weekends at the Vox. Busy is good, though! In our first big wedding season, we are happy to say that Memorial Day and Labor Day are already booked on both Saturday and Sunday. Although, we love the idea of having the July 4th weekend being a little more relaxing so we can rest after our 1 year Anniversary party on July 1st, we would be happy to fill that weekend also.

For 2011, if your thinking about getting married and of course having your wedding reception at the Vox Theatre, think about Sunday - long holiday weekend. You might save a little money and have a great time.

Memorial Day weekend 2011 - Friday, May 27 - Monday, May 30th
July 4th weekend 2011 - Friday, July 1st - Monday July 4th
Labor Day weekend 2011 - Friday, September 2nd - Monday, September 5th

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Green Weddings

In today’s world most people are concerned about how to better protect our planet and natural resource. Weddings and especially the receptions are one area that look to be a trouble spot in finding a balance with having the fairy tale wedding and being green. The most important issue though is to find that balance that works best for you. One easy way to help find that balance is to use a reception venue that is concerned about the environment.

How do find a reception hall that is green? Just ask. If the venue is concerned about its impact on the environment, they will be able to give you information on how they reduce their carbon footprint.

At the Vox Theatre, we are working to be earth friendly. To start with we reused a 1922 silent movie theatre. We purchased our new patio door from Habitat for Humanity ReStore. We have insulated double-glazing on all of our windows. Our loft area is insulated. We use an 18’ (yes that is 18 feet) ceiling fan to help the modern HVAC system heat and cool the large space and all the appliances in the kitchen have the Energy Star rating. We recycle paper, glass, aluminum and card board. We use compact fluorescent bulbs where possible and hope that someday the dimmer technology will improve for the fluorescent bulbs do we can convert the rest of our lighting to be more energy efficient.

I think the biggest thing we do at the Vox Theatre to be environmentally friendly started when Alistair was looking for a studio space. The Vox Theatre was chosen not only because of its character and potential, but because of the locations. Among our many awesome neighbors, the Rainbow Mennonite Church is just across the street. A couple can have their ceremony at the beautifully restored 100+ year old church and walk just a few yards to the Vox for their reception. Besides preventing your guest from getting lost, it cuts down on the emissions from all those vehicles traveling between the ceremony and reception.

Another great neighbor we have is Deco Catering. While extremely convenient, having a caterer next door to the Vox also eliminates the travel for the caterer and the large vehicle required to transport the food and beverages.

We know we can do better and we will continue to improve.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Expose Dance Competition

On Sunday, we hosted Paco's Expose Dance Competition . It was a first for both the Vox and Expose. Over 50 dancers and their families visited the Vox on Valentines Day. The dancers ranged in age from 4 to 14. Many performances were solos but we did have a few large groups. One dance featured 18 girls on the dance floor at one time.

The dance competition brought in judges Jacoby Mosby and Devan Watring. Both judges are originally from the metro area but have training and experience from around the country. During a break in the competitive routines, both judges showed off some of their skills. Later in the day, Paco and several other professional dancers entertained the crowd.

Also on the program was the Extreme Show Down Audition
This live mock audition was a unique experience for the dancers to learn and perform a short routine in about 20 minutes. After the performance, the field was narrowed to 5 dancers and then those 5 dancers performed the routine several more time. Contestants judged and trophies were given for 2 runners up, a third, second and first place.

Check out the Vox Theatre on Facebook for more pictures of the dance competition.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kansas City Urban Core Group

1922 Photo of Original Rosedale Theater

Kansas City Urban Core Group is having their March meeting at the Vox. We are excited for this opportunity to show off the historic theatre and the work we have done to a group of people dedicated to preserving and enriching Kansas City urban areas. The date is March 24, 2010 from 5:30-7:30pm. A $10 guest fee is payable at the door. Alistair will tell the story of the his purchasing the Vox Theatre and its recent renoviations.

A Brief History of the Vox Theatre
The building was originally built in 1922 as the Rosedale Theater, a silent movie theater. In the 1940's the name was changed to the Vox Theater. It operated as a theater until the early 1960's. At that point it was purchased by KC Heating and Cooling. During the ownership of KC Heating and Cooling, a new concrete floor was installed to create a floor that is now level from the sidewalk to the stage. More recently, the building was used to store classic cars. In January of 2009, Alistair Tutton purchased the building for his photography studio with the idea of creating an entertainment hub for the Rosedale and Kansas City Metropolitan area. The Vox Theatre now operates as office space, photography studio, and reception/event venue.


Welcome to the Vox Theatre Blog! I'm Nichole the event manager at the Vox. If you haven't made it to the Vox for a tour, I would love to show you around. Hopefully, this blog will provide you with information on happenings at the Vox Theatre as well as tips for weddings receptions, charity events and parties. I welcome you to comment on the posts or suggest topics. This is a picture of me at the Bridal Tasting held here on January 28. It is more of a "Where's Waldo" than a picture of me, but I am in there.

Deco Catering 2010 Bridal Tasting Event

On January 28th, we hosted Deco Catering and their Bridal Tasting Event. About 75 brides, grooms, their friends and family came to see the Vox Theatre and sample from some of Deco Catering's contemporary and delicious menus. Blue Bouquet provided the stunning candle lit lamps for the tables. Deprisco Photo and Pech Limousine had displays. Thank you to Rainbow Mennonite Church member who greeted everybody at the door. Thank you also to DePrisco Photo who provided the photography for the event. Check out John's blog for some more great photos

Can't wait for the next time we can work together!