Thursday, May 8, 2014

Corporate Events at the Vox

The Vox Theatre was proud to host Women of Imagery , the Unicorn Theatre Spring Gala, American Advertising Federation in April.

Corporate Events at the Vox
Instead of a Holiday Party think about hosting an appreciation party for your customers/employees at the Vox during the summer. It can be as simple as dinner and music, a movie night projected onto our 14 foot screen, or a small carnival. Whatever you choose the Vox can help you make it happen!

Around the Block
The Vox welcomes our new neighbors Midtown Signs to the neighborhood. We are looking forward to the Open House party on Friday. If you are in need of a sign, these are the people to see!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring is in the Air!


The latest event at the Vox was a surprise 50th birthday party. The birthday girl was lured here by her husband who told her he wanted to invest in an old building. He drove down our back ally and came in our back door and using the flashlight app on his phone brought her on stage. The house lights were off and the party was quiet. As the curtains were pulled back, the house lights popped on and everyone yelled, “Surprise!” The birthday girl was surprised indeed, she had no idea!
The family brought in food from Zarda BBQ, purchased their own liquor, hired a professional bartender (3 Blondes and a Martini) and hired dueling pianos (Big Show Dueling Pianos) for entertainment. The crowd was eating, dancing and singing all night long!

What’s Trending

Looking to spice up your wedding color scheme? Think stripes! Stripes can add an unexpected twist to your colors. You can add them on a boutonniere, on a cake, or even shoes. Check out this article from for more info. Wedding Style - Stripes

Around the Block

The Vox Theatre is located in the community of Rosedale in Kansas City, KS. Rosedale is a growing community with a very active neighborhood association, the Rosedale Development Association (RDA). The RDA provides social services to the community and is currently accepting applications for its’ Summer Youth Employment Program. The goal of this program is to provide Rosedale youth with job experience and training. If you know of a young person who may be interested, or you are a business who is interested in partnering with the program, please visit the RDA website -

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Candles & Wall Railing

Something came up today and I decided to skip my post about printing out pictures. I decided to post about another fun decoration that we see at the Vox Theatre - candles on the picture rails along the wall.

Christina & Jonathan were the first couple to put candles on the rail. They put 5 candles in each of the 8 rails for a total of 40 candles. The candles they used were a little big for the railing, but we loved the look so we decided to see if there are some candles out there that would work.

So being a former engineer, I got my tape measure and created a simple drawing of what the railing looks like. I then realized I already had some candles that I wanted to try. Amazingly enough, they fit. The search was over before I even started. Unfortunately, these were given to me, so I can't tell you exactly what store carries them. However, I have seen similar in a few of the hobby stores.

These candles fit in the railing. If you are out looking and find them and want to put candles on the rail, look for these...or something similar that is less than 1.75 inches wide.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How do you make letters on the grey panels?

The grey panels at the Vox Theatre are starting to become a favorite place for hanging letters and posters, so I thought I would give some ideas on how the letters/posters have been made. The lettering has all been made by the brides & grooms or their families and friends. We have had a variety of different sizes and shapes. Several different materials have been used...foam core board, vinyl sheets, heavy card board and 4x8 sheet of hard pink insulation (from hardware store). The foam core or cardboard can be found at craft stores or art supply stores.

Angela & Will made these from the pink insulation. The letters were then spray painted black.

JoLynn & Chris's friends made these letters from black foam core.

For Kristen & Ryan's wedding, a local company printed their logo on vinyl sheets. The posters were made long enough to create a pocket at the top for a rod to fit through to help give the poster some stability.

Miranda & TJ's family made these letters from cardboard. They used black duct tape to make pieces large enough to accommodate the letter style.

If you are looking for the large photographs, ask your photographer. They should be able to help. There are a few printers in town that can print photographs large enough to make an impact in the space. Next week, I will discuss hanging photographs and post a few locations where you can print the photographs on a foam core.

Monday, July 23, 2012

What are those grey panels?

At the Vox Theatre the walls are plaster on brick or concrete block, the ceiling is tin and the floor is mostly concrete. Anybody that knows about sound waves, knows that this would make a great place for an echo. The echo can be fun but during a event, it's not always the best. We had some experts in and decided on an easy solution. Like most things in the Vox, Alistair had a vision. With the help our good friend Ryan Yoakum, Alistair, Ryan and I spent the Friday before our first reception in May of 2010 building and installing the grey panels. Wow, they made a huge difference.

So the big questions I get from most people, can we put something on them? Yes, they are large and nondescript and they can be decorated.

The panels are 64 inches wide and 94 inches tall. They have a soft front. Each panel has at least one eye-hook on the top of the panel. We use thread or string to hang items from the eye-hooks.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Movie Posters

Another great idea from Maggie & Nathan's wedding - Movie posters starring none other than the cast and crew from Maggie & Nathan's wedding. These posters hung on garage door so guests would enjoy them as they were entering the Vox Theatre.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Maggie & Nathan First Dance

It all started just like most of the other 70 plus first dances I have seen at the Vox Theatre. This was the first minute or so of Maggie & Nathan's dance in late June.

I was told they had planned something special for the first dance, so I had my camera ready to video. I am glad I did.